2000 troubled teenagers

hungry and full
and where the fuck am i?
uncool, too cool, anti-cool, nobody nowhere doing nothing.
life’s a quote, life’s a boat
travelling down the sea of curtains
life’s a shag, life’s a goon-bag
giddy decaying person by person
clear, clouded, numb, broken, bright, high
horny, whogivesafuck.
wasted potential, wasted goonsacks, wasted minds.
appearance matters, appearance doesn’t matter
as long as we’re beautiful on the inside of our nikes.
"I love you" , stupid. "i hate you" , stupid.
"I crave you", creepy. "I fucking despise each and every one of you".
television sets, green leafs, whos a bitch and whos not a bitch.
my internet doesn’t work , my good looks don’t work, my bullshit mouth does.
oh lord.
lean over and whisper in my ear with your bubbly cigarette breath
and ask me whether i think she’s cool.
don’t think for yourself you might think the wrong thoughts and explode.
hook yourself up to the master-switch, its quiet here.
listen ” ”
channel your beautiful wires into the dirt.

going nowhere and no one cares
except the ones formulating all their nowhereness
and then they just die with us.

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