Jack and Marlo were in Paddington square eating cheese and bacon rolls, Jack in jeans and a loose blue button up shirt a size too big. Marlo in her green sweater and tight jeans with her hood up. The sky had its pure early morning blue and the sun was high despite the hour, though the air remained brisk and quite fresh. They watched the pigeons and crowds of real life gossip girls pass by without saying a word. All typically beautiful with long legs and expensive clothes. Most looked pissed off with dead serious expressions on mobiles or eyes fixated in the direction they were scurrying.The streets were crowded, ‘like rush hour in Japan’, Jack commented.  ‘Except everyone’s rich’ Marlo chipped in. Jack nodded in agreement.  A big spider was spotted on the path and Jack and Marlo laughed as the gossip girls halted and screamed. A manly looking gossip girl squashed it with her heels before long.
There was always the occasional nonchalant gossip girl, they were mostly models. Perfectly calculated expressions and steps, like they just stepped out of a Proactive commercial. Marlo thought they were funny.  Amongst the gossip girls was the occasional gossip boy.  Very nice suits Marlo had to admit, pretty chins and straight smiles.  ’ though the soul of a goat’  Jack commented. Marlo agreed. They watched the real life gossip crew scurry for a good half hour.
Jack didn’t much like the gossipers though he was happy not to be at school.  He thought they were a bit too superficial, you know with all the money and enhanced looks. Marlo thought some were quite funny though she said they were probably nice people. ’ Though the soul of a goat’ Jack commented. Marlo had to agree.

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